The Development of Sounds of Intent

Phase 4

The initial focus of the Sounds of Intent project was on musical development alone, partly because this was its raison d’être, and partly as a reaction to the tendency of those involved in the music education of children with learning difficulties mainly to have regard to other-than-musical forms of engagement. Arguably, this failure to attend to what should have been their core concern was inevitable given the lack of understanding as to how musical abilities developed in this group, and the domination of the field by music therapists, whose chief interest was in outcomes pertaining to well-being. However, with the broad acceptance of the Sounds of Intent model by practitioners - teacher, therapists and community musicians alie - it was felt appropriate to review how wider develpment and well-being related to children’s evolving capacities to engage with music, and to what extent the latter could promote or enhance the former. A number of research projects and resources emerged as a result.

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