Self-directed Study Sheet 20

  1. Can you recall the correct number of the following components of the Sounds of Intent framework?

    1. Levels
    2. Domains
    3. Segments
    4. Elements
  2. How many of the 12 themes of elements can you recall? The first letters of each theme are provided as starting points.

    1. M  
    2. G  
      Grasping pieces as a whole
    3. I  
      Improvising and composing
    4. S  
      Symbolic meaning
    5. P  
      Performing skills
    6. A  
      Awareness of other performers
    7. A  
      Awareness and intentionality
    8. E  
      Emotional response
    9. C  
    10. M  
      Multisensory matters
    11. G  
      Give and take
    12. P  
  3. What does P.2.C mean?  

    P.2.C means ‘Proactive, Level 2, Element C’.

  4. What does I.4.D mean?  

    I.4.D means ‘Interactive Level 4, Element D’.

  5. What does R.6.B mean?  

    R.6.B means ‘Reactive, Level 6, Element B’.

  6. What does P.5.A mean?  

    P.5.A means ‘Proactive, Level 5, Element A’.

  7. What does I.3.C mean?  

    I.3.C means Interactive, Level 3, Element C’.

  8. What does R.1.B mean?  

    R.1.B means ‘Reactive, Level 1, Element B’.