Self-directed Study Sheet 30

Derek playing Your Feet’s Too Big

  1. Observation: Think about what you see and hear in the video.
  2. Interpretation: What can you reasonably infer about the person's musical engagement?
  3. Formative assessment: Suggest a Sounds of Intent Level, Domain & Element
  4. Summative assessment: Suggest a summative assessment (Domain, Level, E•A•X)

Derek plays the piece fluently, improvising in a stylistically persuasive way. He has a clear sense of the structure, with an introduction to the piece, an ornamented version of the theme and then improvisation over the harmonies, and a clearly defined ending. He clearly engages with the music and intuitively understands it as a narrative in sound, which has a distinct musical architecture, and makes sense as a whole. His musical maturity is shown in the stylistic sophistication and coherence of his improvisation, and his ability to make music persuasively with the professional band that provides the backing.

Domain, Level, Element:

R.6.A … develops a mature response to music, engaging with pieces as abstract ‘narratives in sound’

Summative assessment:

R.6.Emerging … has a mature understanding and appreciation of music in a given style, that is shared with other members of a particular culture