Self-directed Study Sheet 32

Jaydip and William

  1. Observation: Think about what you see and hear in the video.
  2. Interpretation: What can you reasonably infer about the person's musical engagement?
  3. Formative assessment: Suggest a Sounds of Intent Level, Domain & Element
  4. Summative assessment: Suggest a summative assessment (Domain, Level, E•A•X)

Jaydip and William play along with the song Sound and Silence from the Tuning In set, tapping a simple beat on their drums. They anticipate the different sections of the song (without the lyrics, which would signal these). This shows that they can recognise and anticipate prominent structural features in relatively simple pieces of music.

Domain, Level, Element:

R.5.B … recognises and anticipates prominent structural features (such as the choruses of songs)

Summative assessment:

R.5.Emerging … anticipates prominent structural features of short pieces (played and not sung)