Self-directed Study Sheet 36

Na Won playing the piano

  1. Observation: Think about what you see and hear in the video.
  2. Interpretation: What can you reasonably infer about the person's musical engagement?
  3. Formative assessment: Suggest a Sounds of Intent Level, Domain & Element
  4. Summative assessment: Suggest a summative assessment (Domain, Level, E•A•X)

Na Won plays through the first part of Liszt’s Liebestraum No. 3. Her technical proficiency on the piano enables her to play a piece of some complexity from the Western classical repertoire.

Domain, Level, Element:

P.6.D … technical proficiency develops to meet the demands of a widening repertoire

Summative assessment:

P.6.Excelling … performs pieces at the level of Grade 8 in the UK public music examination system