Spy Soundtrack

Spy Soundtrack draws its inspiration from the music and sound effects used in the James Bond films. The bass line comprises an ‘ostinato’ (a short repeated phrase) with a driving, syncopated rhythm on a single note – E. The musical tension rises and falls as phrases of the melody and their accompanying chords move away from the bass, sounding gradually more discordant, and then change suddenly to fit in with it again. There are two main themes, the first played on the trumpet and the second on a group of brass instruments, sounding in close harmony. The themes are jazzy and peppered with blues notes. There are no lyrics, but the structure of the music is articulated by the solos and brass ensemble sections: ‘introduction’, ‘trumpet solo 1’, ‘brass section 1’, ‘trumpet solo 2’, ‘brass section 2’ and ‘trumpet solo 3’.
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