Urban Rap

Urban Rap is written in hip-hop style, in which words are chanted rhythmically over a beat. Hip-hop emerged in the 1970s from among the African American, Carribean American and Latino American communities living the Bronx, New York City. Most raps are inspired by real life situations that the peformer has experienced. Urban Rap is written from the imaginary perspective of a young person who lives in a city, and reflects on the everday sounds that pervade the environment where they live. Verse 1 describes the noises of traffic that intrude, day and night; Verse 2 speaks of the roar of jet engines as planes come in to land at a nearby airport; Verse 3 gives an account of the sirens of emergency vehicles; Verse 4 tells of the sounds that joggers make as they run by; Verse 5 is about bikes and trikes; and Verse 6 conjures up the sounds of people, laughing and chatting as they walk along. It is these, human, sounds that make the rapper feel at home
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